Life is too short to let yours be ruled by fear. If you’re ready to do something different, I can help. Read on. Connect. Ask for help. It’s never too late to start again. You are only a few bold decisions away from taking charge of your future.

Who is Shawn

Shawn’s personal mission is to add value to people and businesses everywhere. More specifically, to encourage, inspire, and help people become brave and confident enough to believe they can accomplish their dreams and goals. He is the Past President of Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club, and past-president of Toast of Petaluma, Shawn is a sought-after speaker for recovery and has over 35 years of continuous sobriety.

In Beyond Recovery: A Journey of Grace, Love, and Forgiveness, Shawn shares his life path that led to recovery and is a “bravely shared journey with life lessons for all.” On August 1, 2022 he released Ten Seconds of Boldness: The Essential Guide to Solving Problems and Building Self-Confidence. You can find Shawn’s books at bookstores everywhere.



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