Ten Seconds of Boldness: The Essential Guide to Solving Problems and Building Self-Confidence

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One of the Most Practical and Effective Personal Growth Books in Years

“Expecting results without effort is ridiculous.”-Aaron Locks, CEO National Academy of Athletics
“I wrote this book because I don’t want to die with any regrets.”

Ten Seconds of Boldness outlines a simple five-step method to move from where you are to where you want to be, in a way that is purposeful, meaningful, and lasting. All it takes is ten seconds of courage and practicing these five steps until they become a habit:

1-Identify the Problem/Opportunity
2-Clearly decide what you want
3-Know why you want it
4-Write a clear plan
5-Start working your plan

The only thing that separates you from confidently living your purpose, is Ten Seconds of Boldness and the willingness to put in the work to become whom you want to be.

This book is your vehicle to do just that.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.



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