Shawn Langwell’s Books

Ten Seconds of Boldness: The Essential Guide to Solving Problems and Building Self-Confidence

One of the Most Practical and Effective Personal Growth Books in Years

Inspired by decades of personal experience overcoming everything from life’s ups and downs and addiction to battling his own inner critics that constantly threatened his self-confidence, Shawn Langwell delivers one of the most authentic, practical, and powerful, personal growth books in years. He says, “I wrote this book because I don’t want to die with any regrets.”

Beyond Recovery: A Journey of Grace, Love, and Forgiveness

An intimate glimpse into the life of an alcoholic

From staggering into his first meeting for recovery, to the moment he knew another drink would kill him, Beyond Recovery offers an intimate glimpse into the life of an alcoholic.

In this transparent memoir, Shawn Langwell divulges his downward spiral into addiction, his decision to get sober, and the tools he used to help him handle life’s tragedies without turning to the bottle.